Who am I?

Amie Mignatti has been a globe-trotting butterfly since her early 20’s.  She’s traveled in a VW  bus throughout the US (breaking down in every state), sung in crystal caves in Mexico, floated in the Laughing Pools of Kauai, swam with sea turtles at the Great Barrier Reef, danced barefoot at West African weddings and funerals, followed the Southern Cross across the night sky in Lesotho, grew tomatoes on a hippie commune in South Africa, sipped melanges in Vienna, woke up in the early morning to Lemur’s cries in Madagascar, two stepped her way through Austin, perfected her karaoke in Japan, communed with dolphins under moonlit skies deep in the Indian Ocean, listened to the Dali Lama speak at his temple in India, trekked the high mountains of  Nepal, danced the rumba in Cuba, drove motorcycles across the Alps, fell in love in Norway, Thailand, Texas  and Germany…and has had many more adventures to make up one life.

Now a yoga teacher, a Wilderness Education Instructor/Nature Teacher and a freelance writer in Munich, Germany (but a proud Austin,Texas taco eating & Barton Springs swimming native), Amie has begun to share her stories of life, love, heartbreak, insecurity, sadness, joy, laughter and everything in between in hopes of inspiring others to live their dreams, follow their heart and to not be afraid of the dark any longer.



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